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I am Nickolas and I will teach you…

  • how to experience a full body orgasm! Using my sensual massage techniques, I will help you achieve sexual freedom that will completely change your perception towards pleasure. You will learn what an orgasm truly is and how to achieve it. You will be living a healthy, sensual and sexual life, exactly how you deserve it!
  • that an orgasm doesn’t require hard work or concentration. The way to an incredible climax is smooth and mesmerizing. All you need is someone to show you the way!
  • overcome limitations. The only thing standing in the way of absolute pleasure is yourself. I will teach you how to give yourself up to  delight and voluptuousness, how to destroy all the barriers you’ve built in your own way and how to clear the way to a full body orgasm.

An orgasm is not a goal, it is your right!

Allow yourself to enter a hypnotic state of lust and desire!Let go, abandon yourself in my hands and I will guide you on the path of initiation into the mysteries of sexuality and pleasure. I will help you unlock any gates that stand in the way of ultimate bliss and you will learn the true power that lies deep within you – the power of your senses! I hold the key to knowing your own body, the power of connection and my fingers know the secrets of touch; all you have to do is follow me into this spellbinding sensory experience!

Watch our introductory video now…

Regardless of your perception towards the reflection you see in the mirror, you are beautiful, powerful and intelligent woman. Unfortunately, stress, negative energy and everyday problems suppress your core essence deep within you. You are charged with an incredible amount of sexuality, you have the power to achieve staggering climaxes and you can reach the heights of pleasure. Moreover, you deserve it! Your body demands its rights!

There is only one thing standing in your way and that is yourself!

Aren’t you tired of a life marked by fear, shame and embarrassment? Don’t you want to learn how to connect with yourself? How about connecting with your partner and reaching mutual rapture? How much longer can you deny yourself the right to pleasure and passion?

Your unsatisfying journey stops now!

“Thank You” Nickolas for a truly amazing evening. Your natural warmth and sensitivity enabled me to relax into your healing touch. This experience drawing mind, body and spirit together, allowing the evening to unfold according to my deepest needs and desires. Your support and encouragement giving me confidence to explore and claim all of who I am as a woman… For this I will be forever grateful. Again..”thank you” Amanda

Your sexual journey starts here! My name is Nickolas and I will be the one to guide you throughout this mesmerizing experience.
Destroy all the barriers!As long as you find yourself under the spell of my hands, you will be at the center of the universe, connecting with its pure essence. Your body has been tortured by negative energy for too long. NOW is the time to put a stop to this injustice. Your body is irresistible and irresistibly hungry for positive energy. My hands will guide you and help your spiritual self communicate with material self, understand what you need and secretly crave and, most importantly, I will teach you how to achieve all of these.
Give yourself up to the pleasure!All you have to do is step into my world and surrender your need for control. I will have you lie down and relax. Think of it as one of the relaxing massages you received from your partner. I will fondle every one of your senses with sensual music, scents and touches. My fingers will caress every inch of your body, awakening your most sensual parts. At this point, every atom in your body will be trembling with desire. You’ll feel the need to hold your breath, but I will remind you to breathe slowly and deeply, so that you allow the positive energy to flow through your body. My touch will become more and more sensual, building sensitivity and arousal, teasing your yoni and stretching your mind, body and soul to their full capabilities. I will touch your body like it was never touched before, leading it to the heights of ecstasy. I will find my way on the sensory map of sensual centers painted on your skin, the realm of desire and pleasure, until I reach your inner thighs. I will softly stroke them with the magic of my fingers. As your legs are gently spreading, I will move upwards and… Why explain what happens next when I can show you better?
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Call me, and your body will receive what it truly deserves!

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